Facilitating a Peer to Peer Program

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Peer reviews are consistently implemented throughout many world-wide educational institutions. It is important to note that a peer is at an equal level to the person being reviewed. A peer review only takes place to reflect upon the positive benefits of the training experience. This short course will define the benefits of implementing a peer-based professional programme.

Within the course you will access:

  • Video lecture defining the purpose and benefits
  • Peer to peer recording template
  • Guidelines on how to implement the program
  • Podcast from 'Education Transformation'

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Your Instructor

Leigh Ridge
Leigh Ridge
With two decades of experience in adult vocational education Leigh is well positioned to support those seeking to develop high-performance teaching environments or advanced academic management skills and knowledge.

Some international adult education consultancy roles have included:
  • Transformation Consultancy - Director
  • Australian Training Awards - Independent Evaluator
  • Kiribati Institute of Technology - Teaching & Learning Adviser
  • Marine Training Center, Kiribati - Specialist Teaching and Learning Adviser
  • Adventist Development Relief Association, Mongolia - International curriculum developer and presenter
  • Co-host of the podcast 'Education Transformation'
  • Co-author of Equipping Educational Leaders
  • Co-author of Vocational Instruction Learning Manual
The international consultancy experience is strengthened by extensive adult education career experience with South Australian state government departments. At Transformation Consultancy we believe education and professional development can transform the world when the client is the focus! Transformation Consultancy provides services to Australian and international clients. We invite you to review our website

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is FREE and so you start and finish when your schedule permits.
Can I gain a Certificate upon completion of the course?
No. However, we offer other professional development courses that issue a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion.
Can you support me to provide this professional development to my broader work team?
Yes. Transformation Consultancy delivers this professional development training globally. We can provide you with a number of training solutions to support cultural change within a work team or institution. Contact Transformation Consultancy via our website:
Does Transformation Consultancy offer other courses?
Yes. Visit the home page of our online professional development school:

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